modzilla films

modzilla films is a Berlin based production company founded by producer/director Beatrice Tillmann in 2005. It develops & produces high end documentary films and concert footage in HD, 4K and 5K. modzilla film productions have been sold to various public & private international TV stations, reaching more than 15 countries, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, UK, Japan, US and New Zealand.

modzilla films is currently producing a new documentary film about the world's most stunning Super Yachts / Explorer Yachts which are now sailing the seven seas.
Please find the teaser below:

Below, please find one of our latest productions: "FIFA World Cup Fans" in time for the upcoming 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP in Russia. Footage shot in HD, 4K and 5K.
For any sales inquiries, please contact Maximilian v. Siebenthal at maximilian[at]